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Hosted by that completely captivating quartet in irony, the Bundles triplets (Tawny, Swanee, and Bitsy), and Precious (their plus-one), POWEROFZERO is a dazzling and complex work of comedic art -- audiences everywhere are enchanted, mesmerized, by this dark and quirky non-linear (and somewhat politically scathing) (but no, not occasionally crude and vulgar, but rather metaphorically colorful) comedy series. 

Popular guests on the show are Mrs. Vorster (wife of John Vorster, South Africa's Patron Saint of Apartheid) and The Cedrics (awesomely eloquent and elegant members of the Mayflower Species - that superior gluttonous empty species, evolved far above and beyond humanity, devoid of humanity's useless baggage).

The hosts themselves are a Extreme Awmish, a quasi-race of genetically enhanced multi-racial humans who appeared on the earth many, many centuries ago.  Former CIA operatives (though both the CIA and the quartet disavow all knowledge of all of existence), the hosts take a meandering journey across space and time, visit parallel realities, and, in general, make no sense whatsoever.